– Surface Functionalization- 

Electronic decoupling of molecular chromophores from graphene to preserve their optical properties with the objective to elaborate light-responsive hybrid system for new electronic and optoelectronic nanodevices remains largely unexplored.

We demonstrate for the first time an easy-to-implement strategy that successfully tackles the electronic decoupling issue. This noncovalent functionalization approach, based on two-dimensional (2D) host-guest supramolecular chemistry, enables immobilization of emitting 3D guest molecules into a 2D self-assembled porous template.

Our decoupling strategy that retains the molecular electronic properties is promising to create on demand novel light-responsive 2D materials platforms. This approach should allow the functionalization of graphene with optically active molecules like emitting chromophores but also photoswitchable molecules, the well-controlled distance between photo-active moieties giving sufficient free volume to perform motions.

Principal investigator: André Jean Attias